What I like and don’t like about my Kymco Xtown 300i maxi scooter 

Apr 8, 2021

Hey there, fellow riders! Can you believe it’s been nearly a year since I started cruising the roads with my trusty Kymco Xtown 300i? Time flies when you’re having fun, and today, I want to share my thoughts on this fantastic maxi scooter.

So, you might be wondering, what’s the deal? Well, in this video, I’m going to break it all down for you. I’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of what I absolutely love about my Xtown 300i and, of course, the aspects that didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

It’s all about the real, honest feedback from my experiences over the past year. Whether you’re a fellow Xtown owner or just a scooter enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this one.

Ready to hear the scoop? Well then, let’s rev up and get right into it!

And if you’re eager to know the pros and cons of my Kymco Xtown 300i, I’ve got you covered. Watch the full video right here: https://youtu.be/WXqB_gogFiY?si=v6OXZNdDx2sUJOKO. Get ready for some real talk about this incredible ride!

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