Solo ride to Calilayan Cove Unisan Quezon from Legazpi Albay

Apr 17, 2022

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Let’s dive right into the exciting tale of my third day in the beautiful Bicol region. As you know, this journey has been full of surprises, and this day was no different.

So, it’s day three, and I’m starting to think about making my way back. The road ahead is long, but I have a specific destination in mind: Calilayan Cove in Unisan, Quezon. That’s where I plan to rest for the night, and I’ve already taken care of booking my spot in advance. I did it all online through Calilayan Cove’s website, and it cost me around P900 for the entrance fee and setting up my tent. With my reservation secured, I set off, ready to face whatever challenges came my way.

However, Mother Nature had a different agenda for me that day. The sky turned ominous, and rain began to pour. It seemed like the rain had no intention of letting up, and it persisted throughout the day and into the night. But I was undeterred.

During my ride to Quezon, I encountered a series of rain showers, some mild, and others downright heavy. It wasn’t ideal, but I was determined to keep going. Of course, no adventure is complete without a few mishaps. Technical glitches decided to pay me a visit, causing me to lose some valuable video footage. It was frustrating, to say the least, but I soldiered on.

As the sun set and darkness blanketed the landscape, I finally reached my destination, Calilayan Cove. The rain was still coming down, and I was completely soaked, but I knew my tent would provide much-needed shelter and comfort.

Despite the challenging weather and the setbacks, my night at Calilayan Cove was truly special. It was a night of rest, reflection, and gratitude. Lying in my tent, listening to the soothing sound of rain on canvas, I couldn’t help but appreciate the journey I’d undertaken. It was a reminder that even when things don’t go as planned, the spirit of adventure keeps us going, and every moment is worth treasuring.

But hey, if you want to experience this adventure with me in real-time, there’s more! Watch the full video on my YouTube channel by clicking right here: Don’t miss out on the action, and remember to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on my exciting journeys.

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