Sabinetek SmartMike+ Wireless Mic Unboxing and Initial Review

Jun 20, 2021

I’m looking for an excellent wireless mic that will compliment my action cameras like the Insta360 One R and DJI Pocket 2. That’s where I found out about the Sabinetek Smartmike +

And today, I got a package from FedEx, and the Smartmike + finally arrived! I was planning to do the rest of the unboxing in Napa Crosswinds Tagaytay, but due to bad weather, my plans did change (please watch the video to find out)

Regardless of what happened, I successfully made some initial tests, especially with my mobile phone and Insta360 One R. The Smartmike+ works perfectly with my iPhone, and the result for the Insta360 One R is good. Although I have encountered some issues with the Insta360 One R in the end, those issues I think can be fixed with updates and just by playing around with the One R and the wireless mic. It also gives me good results with my DJI Pocket 2, our Sony A7ii, iPad Pro, and many more.

Watch this video to find out my initial tests and results. Then, I will create another video for the in-depth review, more tests with different cameras or gadgets, how to operate the Smartmike+, and more. So watch out for my next video.

Watch the unboxing here click here |

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2 years ago

Nice product review. Interested also with the wireless mic

2 years ago

Good review. Definitely gonna watch your video.

Aditi Jain
2 years ago

I like unboxing videos. Too much fun and information