Atimonan maxi scooter ride with Kymco Xtown Club & South

Feb 26, 2021

You know the drill! It’s a Sunday. Another weekend and another ride! This time we are going to Atimonan and Tayabas Quezon.

Three weeks ago, we planned this Atimonan ride. Everything is set then there is news about the typhoon. Although, I’m not that worried since the path of the storm is far from our destination. Thankfully the weather was good the whole ride. We met at Shell Binan around 5 am, and when we were complete, we rode. We made a quick stop at Tiaong Quezon to take pictures of the Quezon arch and had breakfast at Mcdo Pagbilao. Then we waited for Sir Mar, who will guide us to Atimonan. Another quick stop at Old zigzag road or Bitukang Manok for photos, videos, and short rest. Once we are in Atimonan, we will meet the Xtown Club and join them for lunch at Daph’s Restaurant and Plaridel Quezon. So after we met Xtown club and after lunch, we just rested a little, and we went straight to Tayabas Quezon.

In Tayabas Quezon, we will go sightseeing on the Malagonlong bridge, then have a snack Halo-Halo at Nanay Simeng’s Halo-Halo and buy pasalubongs at Calle Budin.

It’s probably one of my longest rides using two wheels since I bought it last year. It was a good ride with the Xtown south and Xtown Club. Hoping for another long ride in the coming days!

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Jonathan Orbuda
2 years ago

Ang galing ng webdesign mo boss! Lalo na yung homepage mo na ma patagilid ang video.