Laguna maxi scooter ride (all cities and municipalities)

Nov 13, 2020

Since I got my Kymco Xtown300i last August, one of my goals is to visit all the municipalities, towns and cities of Laguna in one day.

The past two weeks or weekends, there are storm or heavy rain that’s hindering me for that ride/travel. Last Saturday the weather was good, but in the middle of my ride in Caliraya it rained heavily, and that’s why I changed plans to limit my stops so that I can still achieve my goals. Yes! I finally achieved it! Going to 24 municipalities and six cities of Laguna is quite an experience. 1 day and 180km maxiscooter ride! I started around 7 am from San Pedro, and I got back at around 7 pm. I encountered heavy traffic, heavy rains and inconveniences during the ride but I will charge it to experience!

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