Kymco Xtown ride to Antipolo and lunch at Cafe Agusta

Sep 30, 2020

I created this channel, so I can document my travel using two wheels. Early this year, right when the pandemic hits the world, I realized that having two wheels is a good deal when travelling. And that’s when I heard about the maxi-scooters and their touring purposes. After that, everything was history. I got the Kymco Xtown which fits my needs. That’s why I’m here riding to places where I can relax, release the stress and enjoy the views or scenery. This channel is not about speed nor skills or expertise about two wheels. My channel is all about travel, experiences and moments. Slow down when it’s needed and appreciate the environment around us. Finally, I figured out the identity of this channel.

Since we are planning to visit Cafe Agusta soon, I decided to check it out and make some stops at Antipolo for the scenery. I don’t know if this is a quick ride or long one maybe somewhere in the middle since from BGC Taguig it has taken me only less than an hour to reach the overlooking spot in Antipolo. Anyways, I enjoy the ride plus the ambience of the cafe is lovely. A great way to relax, eat good food and just appreciate the view.

P250 for their Spicy Chicken Quarter

[IMG-Gal id=422]

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