Breakfast ride to Camp Yambo in Nagcarlan Laguna

Nov 8, 2021

Another weekend unfolds, and once again, I embark on a thrilling ride. This time, I find myself in a new locale – Nagcarlan. The primary objective: breakfast and the discovery of a charming coffee haven that has been creating waves in the local scene. Why, you ask? Well, it’s conveniently nestled near the enchanting Yambo Lake.

Picture this: a solo sojourn on my trusty Kymco Xtown 300i maxi scooter. As I make my way towards Camp Yambo, an unexpected twist of fate occurs. Lost in the moment, I inadvertently miss the turn leading to Camp Yambo. But fret not, dear friends, for navigating this minor detour proved to be a breeze. Swiftly, I retraced my steps and seamlessly resumed my journey to Camp Yambo.

Upon reaching my destination, Camp Yambo instantly won me over. The ample parking space beckoned me, and the setting exuded an air of spaciousness, both indoors and outdoors. As for the cuisine, it did not disappoint. I savored a delectable serving of Bam-I, complemented by a refreshing Iced Coffee. Not to forget, I indulged in an Esdaymada, a delightful treat to enjoy later at home.

Now, if you’re wondering how to find your way to Camp Yambo, allow me to simplify it for you. Navigate the Calauan-Nagcarlan road – the exact direction depends on your starting point, be it Calauan or Nagcarlan. Keep your eyes peeled for the unmistakable sign that reads “Yambo Lake.” Once you spot it, make that crucial turn, and follow the path straight to Brgy Sulsugin, the very location of Camp Yambo.

In summary, the entire experience proved to be a delightful and rejuvenating escapade. I also took this opportunity to prepare myself, as well as my trusty maxi-scooter, for the upcoming long-distance adventure scheduled for next weekend, heading northward.

Oh, and speaking of enhancements, I made the most of my new DJI Action 2 for this video venture. Every captivating shot you witness stems from my Action 2, except, of course, for the mesmerizing drone footage. The colors, unaltered, stand as a testament to the visual authenticity of this journey. And for the auditory accompaniment, I seamlessly merged the audio from my Action 2 with that of the Sabinetek SmartMike Plus – a symphony of sounds to complement the visual spectacle. 


Indulge in the complete visual experience by watching the full video on my dedicated YouTube channel: link. Witness the adventure unfold before your eyes, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share the journey with fellow enthusiasts!

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